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At the Engelman Law P.A. we are committed to helping you with your personal, business and real estate problems, concepts and contracts.

With 30 years experience protecting and advancing clients' interests, both in Court as a litigator and in the law office as a counselor and legal advisor, attorney Engelman has the insight necessary to resolve your legal problems and turn your business concepts into reality.

  • Does someone owe you money but they refuse to pay?
  • Did you pay for services or merchandise that you did not receive?
  • Do you feel you were "ripped off" or defrauded by a contractor or merchant?
  • Is your property being foreclosed?
  • Do you want to buy, sell or rent residential or commercial real estate?
  • Do you need to write a lease, evict a residential or commercial tenant, or are you being evicted?
  • Do you need to prepare a contract, a promissory note, or a business agreement?
  • Are you being sued for money you believe you do not owe?
  • Are you being harassed or threatened and need a restraining order?

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